Award Submission

Chrome Developer Summit: Adventure

Vimeo Password: pommesmitalles


Google approached us to help reimagine how we attend physical events and conferences. We created a web game experience where Googlers, attendees and guests could explore, learn and network in a safe, digital environment from their homes.


Keep the spirit of Chrome Dev Summit alive in a digital format, where we recreate the feeling of being part of a community and staying connected with other developers, even though we are thousands of miles apart.


A large scale virtual world full of fun interactions, developer-centric jokes, conference swag and mini-games was created to encourage attendees to explore the world and network with each other.

- The Experience
The multiplayer experience featured a chat system, minigolf, fishing, three castles, three environmental biomes, the chrome dinosaur, lighthouse tests and custom product rooms for 12 different chrome teams and partners. To finish it off, we created more than 150 virtual swag items that the attendees could unlock and customize their character with.

- Technology
The world is built on a custom made frontend and backend that supports up to ~2000 concurrent users moving around while, interacting with the world and one another.